The struggle in human history has had a major subject of contestation to satisfy self & calibrating with surroundings. With the growing awareness of rights & liberties, everything which tried to impede was immediately questioned. The century saw a great drift of these thoughts into mass movements. These were unleashed in the name of hypothesis, based on past occurrences, & were constraint to lower the bar & form equality as the basis.

But this thought gradually lost its identity in the FEMINIST movement. The whole idea of feminism vindicates its discovery because of vicious patriarchy & disparate attitude towards the other gender. The ideology disapproves of all existing social laws & challenges to oust the might, as assumed to have upper hand on the opposite sex.

The question thus, remains that does it really stand to restore equality? Apparently, the visible answer is dissenting. And for this answer, the two plausible answers are anticipated. Firstly, the name ‘FEMINISM’, all tasks about one gender, as having been derived from the same. Secondly, feminists strongly uphold to have been mercilessly ruled & exploited by the PATRIARCHY & virile, so they just don’t intend to stop at dethroning them but also take the lead of the dominance.

The flawed part of this view lies in its specified incidents of particular societies, patriarchal & lack of evident idea that the concept was a product of imagination of men & their superior gender.

None ever thought about this struggle & suppression until, one day when someone retaliates & pushes the giant wave in an effort to voice. And this way, the blind movement finds growing support & a cause for rebellion.

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